Choosing a Template From The S.D Gallery

There are dozens of template to choose from in the Site Designer gallery. 3 column 2 column, single, with stripes or without, the choices seem almost endless.

Add to that the different categories (Health and Beauty, High Tech, Custom etc) and it becomes a case of perhaps too much choice for some people. "Hmmmm, I like that one, but then again, maybe this one looks like it might work better for me. I can't decide!".

The #1 Mistake To Avoid When Choosing

I have seen this happen time and again. Somebody has a website in (for example) the health niche, so they look at the templates filed under Health and Beauty, and make their selection from those. Big mistake, IMO. Do not let the header image sway you as to which template is best suited for your needs. 

A header image in a template can be changed in a matter of minutes, so that really is not the important thing to consider when choosing a template. Far more important is the template structure and whether the layout suits you.

Some templates do one thing well (perhaps give you a full width header or 100% template width) but don't do something else... they do not all have the same page structure. Even things like the responsive navigation can vary as well. Some drop down the links when the MENU button is clicked, and some slide in from the side.

The MENU button... some are positioned to the right of the header (which I like) and some are slap bang in the middle (which I don't like!) Other templates have a large full-width footer that you can modify with color or background image (like this one) and others don't.

Yes, it can be confusing for sure. Luckily I have a recommendation for you that will remove all the stress.:-)

Why I Chose To Use This Particular Template

At first glance this doesn't look very promising, unless you are searching for a plain looking template with lots of black on it! But looks can be deceiving. Don't judge a book by it's cover, and don't judge a template by it's look and feel. This one has a lot going for it... so much so that I created a short section on how to use and modify this template.


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